2019-10-25, Blog


ValueFin Loan Origination Solution is aimed towards Rural India and Priority Sector Lending which sees a series of challenges because of information asymmetry, lack of correct information, identity verification, lack of information and lack of access to Financial Insitution. Our online LOS solution which is in vernacular language can help streamline the customer origination, customer data filling, identity verification, alternate credit scoring and lending operations easy, seamless and far more cost effective. It will help Rural customers in getting access to credit and banks/NBFCs to make faster decision based on reliable, digitized and verifiable information.

The process of issuing a loan involves a series of steps right from identifying a customer, acquiring customer, processing their information, to vetting their credit standing, identity documentation and then finally creating information report so that Bank/NBFC can make decisions based on information. Our Loan Origination Solutions (LOS) streamlines all these processes and offers a comprehensive solution which can help the Banks/Financial insitution originate Rural Loans/ Priority Sector and MSME loans while improving efficiency, mitigating risks and managing a borrowers efficiently.


Our Online Loan management solution is directed towards Rural Financial Insitutions which can act as a one stop place for customer information, repayment schedule generation, product management, collections details, reconciliation, integration to develop profit and loss statement. It automates the whole process while reducing the iterative manual work, keeping closer track of portfolio in highly cost efficient manner.

It would help Rural Financial institutions/NBFCs/MFIs to take advantage of our efficient & effective solution. The comprehensive loan management solution shall facilitate banks and financial institutions to automate the process for achieving cost savings and for better customer experience.

We deliver digital enabled lending processes especially for Rural India that shall lead to improved productivity, efficient data management process, better customer management, readily refer portfolio and collections analytics as also ensure better customer experience, throughout the entire loan Management cycle.