LOAN SEVA KENDRA - Digital Lending

2019-10-25, Blog


The major challenges customers face are long queues, multiple visits, loss of wages, tedious manual form filling, document submission and verification process while seeking a loan. Financial Institutions face the challenge of incomplete forms and information asymmetry besides documents verification process. This increases the turnaround time (TAT). Loan Seva Kendra is an online service to help you to generate your Loan Information and Application . The KYC documents and Reports are e-Verified. Loan Seva Kendra provides you facility to generate your Loan Report . You may download, print and email your report for further processing to Bank or Financial Institution, as per their respective requirements. Loan Seva Kendra offers you service on “Anywhere & Anytime basis” and is available of Web and mobile App.  


LOAN SEVA KENDRA is an online digital services platform which facilitates Loan services to customers, especially Rural Customers, by helping them create their Loan Application and Credit Information Report . The customer can generate his/her loan application, cash flows, other details, credit information report along with e-verification of identity and address documents. This shall enable the customer to generate a ready to refer & submit report for getting the loan. These services are available at reasonable charges. LOAN SEVA KENDRA is a digital initiative of ValueFin India Technologies and Services Private limited

How Does LOAN SEVA KENDRA help customers?

For customers LOAN SEVA KENDRA helps to
1.  Create your loan application online through Portal or Mobile App
2.  Conduct Online verification of identity documents
3.  Online Loan  Information and application report 
This will save time, money, reduce multiple visits and help in faster processing. The report can be generated on portal or through Mobile Application. You can download the report, print and submit it to the Financial Institution/Bank/NBFC.

How does LOAN SEVA KENDRA help Financial Insitutions/Banks/NBFCs?

For Financial Institutions/NBFCs/Banks, LOAN SEVA KENDRA enables

1. Getting potential customer information, application, data and credit information thereby reduce customer origination cost
2. Prevents information asymmetry and reduces errors as information is as per defined formats
3. Customer shares cash flow, assets and liabilities data which helps in credit assessment
4. Identity documents are verified online for ready reference.

This Saves manual filling of data, low errors, ready to refer customer application, data, identity verification along with Loan Information and Application report. Report can be directly shared over mail or can be downloaded from Portal or Mobile App.

Disclaimer : Loan Seva Kendra is an online service provider and aggregator. It does not apply for loan, forward application and guarantee loan approval and sanction, to any of the users of this portal or web application. Please note the loan approval and sanction remains at the sole discretion of lender.