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LOAN SEVA KENDRA is a digital services platform developed by ValueFin India Technology and Services Private Limited. This platform has been developed to facilitate Loan services to customers, especially Rural Customers, by helping them create Loan Application and Information Report. The customer can generate his/her loan application, required details, credit information report along with verification of identity and address documents. This shall enable the customer to generate a ready to refer loan report .

LOAN SEVA KENDRA is a web application platform wherein customers, especially in rural areas, should be able to generate Loan application and Credit Reports easily. This may help create a marketplace where the customers can find the right lender and the lender gets access to creditworthy customers especially in Rural areas which will mostly fall under Priority Sector Lending. 

A) For customers, this will help and save Time, Wages & Money

1.  Create your loan application online through Website or Mobile App
2.  Online verification of documents
3.  Online Loan application report
This may save time, money, reduce multiple visits to Banks/NBFCs/Financial Institutions, enabling faster processing. You can download the report, print and share it to with Financial Institution. This will be available at a reasonable charge.

B) For Financial Institutions/NBFCs/Banks may help reduce the cost of  customer Acquisition
1. Get customer Loan information and application which will reduces customer origination cost
2. Prevent information asymmetry and errors
3. Customer shares cash flow, assets and liabilities data, as per his understanding, which may help in loan assessment
4. Identity documents are verified online 
Saves manual filling of data, reduces errors, creates customer application and report, data. The report can be directly shared over mail or can be downloaded from the Website or Mobile App. This will help both the customers save a lot of time, money, wages, manpower and iterative processes.

LOAN SEVA KENDRA is a digital services platform in form of web site and mobile application. The objective is mainly to facilitate Loan services especially in Rural and Semi-Urban areas. However, at no stage LOAN SEVA KENDRA will act on behalf of the customer or Financial Institution, in any manner. These services will mainly help Farmers, Agro enterprises, Farmer Producer Organisations (FPOs), Agriculturists, Self Employed, Students,  Micro & Small Enterprises (MSMEs), mall Businesses and Livelihoods in the remote locations.

This will also enable Bank's access to customers in Rural, Agro and MSME sectors and help Priority Sector Lending business in a sustainable manner while reducing the cost of customer acquisition substantially. The objective is to help access of credit to the individual, through digital medium.

We are Looking for Partners across Banks and NBFCs to use this application for "Onboarding Client" and reduce the cost using our "Loan Application and Report.  Financial Insitutions/Banks/NBFCs can contact  us at  info@loansevkendra.com

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Our Mission


LOAN SEVA KENDRA is a digital platform to enable access of Loans to customers in a timely manner by helping them digitally create Loan application and information report  and help them avail credit services from Financial Institution. 

LOAN SEVA KENDRA mission is to create a "differentiated Loan Aggregation Marketplace" that will enable and facilitate timely and easy access to Loan to Individuals and Small Business Enterprises, primarily under Priority Sector Loans.

LOAN SEVA KENDRA report will help the customer with a ready to refer Loan Application Report to Financial Institutions/ lenders and Financial Institutions/Lenders will find it helpful to evaluate the proposal. This shall reduce the Turn Around Time (TAT) for both customer and Financial Institution. Most of these Loans will be for Agro-enterprises, Livelihoods, MSME, Small Businesses, Self-employed and would qualify under Priority Sector Loans (PSL). However it is at the sole discretion of Lenders to accept /process and approve the loan. We do not apply, submit , forward or process application to any lender on any customer behalf. The service is purely "as is" where is basis and we will on act on behalf of customers or lenders.

We are Looking for Partners across Banks and NBFCs to use this application for "Onboarding Client" and reduce the cost using our "Loan Application Report. 

Financial Insitutions/Banks/NBFCs may contact us at info@loansevkendra 


Step 01

Basic Information

Fill in Basic information, Identity and Address proof and other details

Step 02

Type of loan

Selection of profession/customer and loan type

Step 03

Other Details

Submit cash flows, assets & liabilities details and co-applicant information

Step 04

Report Generation

Verified of identity documents and generation of Loan application report